Party FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
about our Parties

Need a little more information before booking your little one’s birthday party?

1: How do I reserve my party and see the available dates & times?
To get your party reserved, click on the “Book my Party” button and follow prompts to choose a date/time. It will show what is available at that time.

2: Can I change my package choice as the party get’s closer?
You can always email or message me with your changes or add-ons. We finalize all your party details by sending out a final party questionnaire 7-10 days before your event. If you need to make changes, you can do it at this time. You can also add-on items to your party through this questionnaire. You will have 7 days prior to your event to make final changes.

3: Do you have high chairs for use during the party?
Yes! We have four high chairs available for you and your guests to utilize.

4: We have a large party. How should we structure food-serving?
We always recommend (especially for large parties) that hosts put all food out on the food counter just before guests arrive. Some guests will arrive hungry, and some will have just eaten, depending on the time of your event. Allowing guests to graze as they become hungry (or when their little ones need a break from playing) avoids congestion around the serving area and adds to the success of your party.

5: Can we bring our own food and dessert?
Yes! You can bring homemade food, store-bought food, and/or outside catering. We ask that you not bring any frozen treats (popsicles, ice cream cakes, cones, cups, etc.)
We provide a power strip if needed for crockpots, etc. Remember to bring serving utensils, a knife and server to cut the cake and a lighter for candles if blowing them out during the party.

6: Are there restrictions on the decorations that we can bring?
Refer to your party contract that you signed prior to your event, but the big ones to remember are: 1) We don’t allow anything to be taped onto painted surfaces to include walls (counter tops & windowsills are just fine). 2) We do not allow things such as pinatas or other decor to be hung from the ceiling. 3) Speaking of pinatas, for the safety of your guests, we only allow the pull-string pinatas. 4) We do not allow unnecessary rearranging of furniture or existing wall decor.

7: When do I pay my balance?
You can pay your balance on the day of the party before you leave. We accept cash or credit cards but we do not accept personal checks.

8: When can I arrive to set-up?
You can arrive 30 minutes before your party begins to set up, and our party assistant will be there to help!

9: Will my guests be required to wear socks?
ALL guests entering our facility will be require to wear socks during children’s parties. We have shoe covers, upon request. Some families purchase a bulk pack of socks to insure their guests don’t have to purchase socks at the register.

11. Can I drop off my decorations for you to set up before my party? Yes! We love setting up for parties and want you to be able to truly enjoy your child’s special day and want to make it as simple as possible. We would be happy to get your decorations started before you arrive. Please make sure that you label the container holding your decorations with your last name and date of party. You may include any specific instructions as well.

12. What comes in the themed decor package add-on?
Your themed decor will include a themed backdrop, a balloon garland, themed plates & napkins for the children attending plus solid tableware for adults. We will cover the tables using colors to match and have balloon bouquets on the tables.

Let’s Party!