What is Music Together®?
Since 1987, Music Together has introduced millions of children, parents, and teachers around the world to the joys of family music-making and the powerful benefits of having music in their lives. Today, classes for children ages birth through grade two are found around the world.

From babyhood through the early elementary years, Music Together nurtures each child’s natural musicality in a playful, musically rich learning environment. Our research-based music classes are non-formal and non-performance oriented, so your child can learn at their own pace, in a way that’s developmentally appropriate.

By enrolling in our children’s music program, you’ll experience a whole semester of classes led by one of our trained teachers. You’ll learn new songs and music activities to inspire you to bring music into your family’s everyday life.

We Teach the Way Children Learn
At Music Together, we know that children learn differently than adults. They learn instinctively, constantly, through imitation and play, being immersed in their environment, and through interaction with adults and older children. Based in research in early childhood and music development, the family-like setting of Music Together classes creates an ideal learning environment.

Learn about the research behind Music Together at the Music Together Worldwide website.

Your Role Is Essential
You are your child’s most important music teacher right now! Young children learn through play and experimentation and by watching and listening to the grownups they love. Setting an example as an enthusiastic participator in music activities is the best thing any parent or caregiver can do to help set a child on the road to a lifelong love of music. Parents don’t need to have music skills—they just need a desire to play and have fun with their children! Our teachers are specially trained to create a safe atmosphere so you can happily join in, experiment, or even get silly—and feel closer to your child while doing so.

Music Learning Supports All Learning®
Wiggling, singing, and laughing with your child is so much fun, it’s easy to forget how much learning is taking place! Our research-based curriculum not only develops music skills, it nurtures creativity, self-expression, and confidence while also supporting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Because these benefits build over time, children enjoy the fullest growth in each of these areas when they participate as consistently as possible up through kindergarten.

What will we do in class?

We will sing, dance, and play! Each week, your registered Music Together® teacher will lead the class through about a dozen songs and rhythmic rhymes from the semester’s collection of music which includes a wide variety of musical styles, melodies and rhythms. We’ll sing, dance, explore finger chants and creative large movement, and play with instruments. 

Classes are intended to be relaxed, playful and experience-based, not performance oriented, supporting the unique learning styles, developmental levels and temperaments of all participants. Everyone in the class community will have opportunities to create and improvise – making up new words to songs, suggesting movement ideas, creating rhythm patterns, or silly sounds. Above all else, we’ll have fun while creating a rich and dynamic musical community. 

Give the gift of music!

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What makes Music Together unique?

You might have heard that at Music Together, we’re serious about having fun. Underlying this fun is the most important aspect of our program – research. In 1987, Music Together pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate program. To this day, the lab school in Princeton, NJ, in addition to the research of others, continues to inform the decisions made about all things Music Together, including program delivery, content and teacher training. You may take comfort in the fact that from the moment you walk into class, everything has been created with an educational purpose.

May I bring my 3 year old as well as my 6 month old to the same class?

Not only ‘may you’, but we encourage you to! Child development researchers discovered that grouping children of different ages in one class encourages natural, family-style learning, so Music Together developed the Mixed-Age Music Class. In this class, everyone participates at their own levels: babies vocalize, listen, and observe; toddlers play and experiment; and preschoolers build confidence as they emerge as classroom leaders. Grownups are happy because everyone can come to class together.

What is my role in the class and why is it important for me to be there?

Young children learn through play and experimentation and by watching and listening to the grown-ups they love. Setting an example as an enthusiastic participator in music activities is the best way for a parent or caregiver to set a child on the road to a lifelong love of music. Parents don’t need any special musical skills – just the desire to play and have fun with their children! Regardless of your own musical ability, as a parent or caregiver, you have the greatest impact on your child’s music development.u can teach your child to love and value music.

What if I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! Won’t I ruin my child musically if I sing to her?

Not at all! We promise that you will not hurt your child’s musical development by singing to them, even if you are not always in tune, or can’t keep a steady beat. Children will hear plenty of “in tune” music from other sources, but it’s your voice that your child loves most. You’ve probably noticed that whatever you do, your child wants to do too (the good and the not-so-good stuff). While we, as teachers, are able to help your child learn musical skills, only you can teach your child to love and value music.

Is my child too young for music class?

All children are musical. They’re born making sounds and moving. Their natural aptitude for music develops when they’re part of a rich musical environment. In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally, and in much the same way, as they learn to walk and talk. You wouldn’t wait to talk to your baby until you were sure they could answer you, would you? Music is a wholly integrated skill and a wonderful way to play and bond with your baby.

My child just sits there in class – OR – My child just wanders around in class. Is my child bored?

There are many different ways of learning and a child’s learning in class happens in a multi-layered way – through active participation, watching others, experimenting with instruments and even by just being there and listening to you sing. Children learn differently than adults – they learn instinctively and constantly. Instead of waiting for your child to do something in class, let yourself go and do it yourself. Then, watch and listen at home, and you’ll see and hear just how much your child is learning and absorbing in class!

What happens after we complete a semester?

There are nine song collections in all. A different song collection is used each semester, so when you register for your next semester you can look forward to twenty-five new songs and chants to add to your child’s musical library. The music will be taught through similar kinds of activities, but because your child will be at a different place developmentally, an activity can be exciting to them either because of its familiarity, or because they can grasp it in a new way.

What if we didn’t start in the Fall? Have we missed something?

Because the semesters are non-sequential and the activities are designed to be accessible to a child at their own developmental stage, a child can enter the Music Together® program at the beginning of any semester and at any age.

Music and movement for babies, toddlers, preschoolers. . . and the grownups who love them®

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